Free Julian Assange! The political issues confronting educators in the fight for freedom of information


Free Julian Assange! The political issues confronting educators in the fight for freedom of information

the Committee for Public Education (Australia)

28 September 2020

The Committee for Public Education (CFPE) is an organisation of rank-and-file teachers, initiated by the Socialist Equality Party, to wage an independent struggle against government-union attacks on jobs, wages and conditions, and a broader onslaught on public education.

The Committee for Public Education (Australia) condemns the politically motivated show trial of WikiLeaks journalist and publisher Julian Assange now underway in London, which aims to dragoon him into an American high security prison for the rest of his life. We call on all educators and school staff in Australia and internationally to mobilise in his defence and move resolutions demanding his freedom in primary, secondary, and tertiary education institutions.

The resumed extradition proceedings that began on September 7, have provided a concentrated demonstration of the blatant

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5 Health Issues Confronting Women Scuba Divers

Although women have to deal with pertinent health issues in the conduct of scuba diving activities, this should not deter them from engaging in this fun recreational sport. With proper skills training, expertise in scuba equipment use, observance of precautionary measures and strict discipline; women divers will be able to brush aside thoughts of worries and enjoy the dive. Below is rundown of common health issues confronting women; along with possible measures that can be implemented to address a particular medical condition and related scuba gear to keep women in top shape for the dive.

Premenstrual Syndrome. Women who have a history of succumbing to emotional disorders or the blues before menstruation should seek medical evaluation prior to the diving trip. If a woman is suffering from PMS, it would be best to extend surface intervals for repetitive dives or trim diving depths and bottom times at this particular stage … Read More