CRN Responds to “Sweeping Conclusions” About Adulteration in Cognitive Health Supplements

Washington, D.C.—A new study published in Neurology concluded that “over-the-counter cognitive enhancement supplements may contain multiple unapproved drugs,” drawing industry rebuttal.

The study was conducted by searching two supplement databases for products labeled as containing one of four different drugs not approved for use in the U.S. The 10 products were then purchased and analyzed. As advertised, the products did indeed contain drugs including omberacteam and aniracetam, as well as three additional unapproved drugs the researchers hadn’t searched for. The study noted that several detected drugs were not declared on the label, and several declared drugs were not detected in the products; for those products that declared drug quantities on the labels, 75% were inaccurate.

It was not noted how many cognitive health supplements existed in the database at the time of the search. The researchers stated some limitations, including the fact that the study is not a comprehensive

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